All New Jeep Avenger Debut – Technology

The new electric Jeep Avenger has made its debut in European roads. We are excited to learn more about the design and technology.

The infotainment system has been designed to deliver a smartphone-like user experience, with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone projection, “mix&match” function to build your own interface (up to 5 pages, up to 12 widgets per page), embedded navigation powered by TomTom with enhanced natural voice recognition and over-the-air update.

Thanks to the Uconnect™ Services and the Jeep® mobile app, customer can keep in touch with Avenger everywhere and every time. With the JEEP Mobile App, users can locate their car, lock and unlock the doors, check the battery level, program the battery charge and activate climate control2. All this directly from their smartphone, tapping the screen or even asking their voice assistant.

The novelties in terms of navigation concern On street Parking and Natural Recognition. The first makes life easier when you are in town to find parking spaces on the public road without wasting time. The system thus has data enabling it to statistically identify the most available streets in terms of free spaces. It works a bit like word of mouth when you are given street names where there is a greater chance of finding places to park your car.

The second makes it possible to accentuate the feeling of safety when driving. Indeed, having a conversation when you are driving your car with your smartphone in your hand is to multiply by 3 the risk of accident, and it is to multiply it by 23 when you read an SMS. Also being able to speak and be understood by your navigation system without having to repeat or exchange is completely safe. In the new navigation system, human voice recognition has been improved to increase efficiency and understanding of the actions requested. And of course, having a connected navigation also means having the certainty of always knowing where to go because it is not necessary to always be connected to the internet to follow your path. No disconnection of navigation when passing through tunnels or in car parks. The advantage now of navigation is also that the map is updated every week without any action on the part of the customer. He is only informed of the update which was made for him made aware of it.