2021 Ram 1500 Classic for Sale in Lake Forest

From front bumper to steel cargo bed and everywhere in between, your Ram 1500 Classic is engineered for all-around durability—and it all started with jaw-dropping procedures to help ensure quality, strength, and Safety and Security. Our engineers employed testing protocols that involved some of the most brutal conditions imaginable. Like the scorching 120F deserts of Nevada. The frigid –40oF winters of northern Sweden. Boulder-strewn off-road trails—and more. In every environment and under full and empty loads, Ram 1500 Classic came through—just as it will for you, every day and every mile.

– Help regulate wheelspin with comprehensive All-Speed Traction Control. If slippage occurs during acceleration, the electronic throttle control will reduce torque; in extremes (like accelerating from pavement to ice), it will apply the brakes and reduce the engine power to maintain control.

– Tow with confidence, using Trailer Sway Damping, which detects yaw and applies selective brake pressure on the tow vehicle’s opposite side to counteract and reduce the sway.

The Ram 1500 Classic braking system features optimized pedal travel to provide quick power assist. Rear wheel-speed sensors are positioned for protection against road elements. ESC3 features multiple assets for braking; it even includes vehicle control when stationary. The most notable components of ESC are outlined here:

– Stop securely, with the Antilock Brake System (ABS). Monitoring each wheel’s speed, the Ram 1500 Classic ABS design also incorporates back-up braking should one of the two braking circuits become compromised.

– Balance the braking. Electronic Brake- Force Distribution regulates brake pressure from front to rear to minimize stopping distances.

– Anticipate potential trouble. Ready Alert Braking senses when the driver’s foot is lifted from the accelerator; it applies an imperceptible brake force to ensure that pads and discs are lined up should an emergency stop be required.

– Factor in the weather. Rain Brake Support automatically and seamlessly activates when the driver turns on the windshield wipers; all brake calipers gently pulse against their respective rotors to remove water from the pads.

– Make it home, with Hydraulic Boost Compensation. Should a failure occur in the vacuum brake booster or any related line, the brake controller will kick in to run the ABS pump; the system will even convey notice of the problem to the driver. Critically, the brakes will perform as normal until the failure is serviced.

– Stay still, with Hill Start Assist. When the vehicle is on an incline, this system keeps your Ram pickup stationary for two seconds after the brakes have been released or until the accelerator is depressed.

This invaluable feature uses integrated sensors with ultrasonic waves to detect objects as far as 47 inches away from the rear bumper. Read-outs located in the gauge cluster display team up with audible chimes to notify the driver of proximity to rear objects.


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